We are an ecosystem of experts across the ESG landscape

Our Vision: A world where economic, social and environmental systems are in balance

Our Team

Daniel Jacob

Principal Consultant

With 10 years’ experience covering corporate finance, operations, marketing and business strategy, Daniel solidified his ability to support companies from strategic planning to operational execution. Having collaborated with over 100 companies who embed sustainability in their core strategy, encompassing Europe, Asia-Pacific, North and South America, Daniel provides a wide array of international insights. He founded & co-founded three start-ups and is now the founder and principal consultant of Changing Habits Solutions. He helps organizations from start-ups to multi-billion dollar companies embed sustainability in their strategy with a triple bottom line approach, and engages the entire team around the proposed solutions.
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Raquel wu

social topics expert

Raquel worked at an international energy company for 8 years as the head of their first overseas branch office, successfully overseeing the company’s projects from exploration to production. During this time, she was certified as a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator and uses its creative communication methods to help solve real-time challenges and to complement her insights into corporate structure, project and operations management. She then helped co-found and is now the Director of Operations for Changing Habits Solutions, where she continues to focus on projects that create positive impacts in alignment with the United Nations’ SDGs.

Lucas Fraser

Partner / ESG Consultant

Lucas is an experienced, certified sustainability professional who has worked with clients in a wide range of industries and sizes – from SMEs to Fortune 500s. He specializes in carbon emissions accounting, having worked on complete Scope 1, 2, and 3 inventories from initial data collection to third party verification and reporting. Lucas helps clients leverage software solutions and make process improvements to reduce the time and cost of sustainability reporting. He is deeply familiar with the GHG Protocol and most common ESG reporting frameworks and regulations including GRI, SASB, CDP, TCFD, ISSB, and EU ESRS.

Erin Bryson

ESG consultant

Erin is a self-proclaimed sustainability nerd, driven by a desire to enable transformational change in the private sector. She has supported organizations across numerous industries, including energy generation, manufacturing, government, and financial services, in navigating the ever-evolving world of ESG strategy and reporting. Her experience in sustainability software solutions, carbon accounting, and data analysis and visualization helps CHS clients gain insight into their ESG programs and performance and develop strategies that maximize positive impacts. In her spare time, you can find Erin painting, tending to her houseplants, and working on her latest crafting obsession.

Deeksha G Rao Sahib


With an M.B.A. in Energy and Environment, Deeksha has over 5 years of rich and diverse professional experience with start-ups, consulting, non-profit and research. Her strength lies in developing solutions to create strategic business opportunities that embrace sustainability and facilitating dialogue for fostering partnerships among different stakeholders. She is passionate about contributing to programs that bring a positive impact on the local community and grabs every opportunity to help fellow newcomers. In her spare time, Deeksha likes to explore the future of our City, network with like-minded people, and spend time with her family.

Sai Praveen Gudichuttu

ESG DATA analyst

Praveen is currently pursuing MBA at Concordia University. While pursuing his business degree, he found a calling in the sustainability domain and decided to pursue a career in it. He believes businesses must embed sustainable strategies into their organizational DNA. Thus, the business world can combat climate change, depletion of resources, social and economic inequities. Praveen has also been involved in organizations that advocate sustainability at university. In his free time, he likes to travel, write, indulge in outdoor activities and sports.

Kiefer Micallef

Sales and Marketing

Kiefer leads his own digital marketing agency that focuses on helping sustainable and natural brands grow. His agency collaborates with selective clients world-wide whose business offers products or services that promotes a greener world. Kiefer has worked with over 25+ eco businesses such as Etiko Ethical clothing and Laureate University which is the largest Certified B-corp company in the world. His key clients proved time and time again that eco-friendly brands can make a positive impact on our planet while still finding huge commercial success in the process.

Our Associates

Daniel Rotman

Waste management expert

Daniel is an expert in waste management with a passion for the human mind. With his background in Cognitive Sciences combined with a Masters in Conflict Resolution, Daniel helps companies set targets to reduce, prevent and recycle waste. Daniel has 8 years of experience working in waste planning with legislated recycling program and private recycling. He also is a co-founder and co-director of the Master Recycler Vancouver program and sits on the Board of Directors with the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation. Daniel now consults at the intersection of waste management, waste audit and behaviour change, working with clients such as waste management providers, stratas, and manufacturing companies.

Elisabeth Petraki

Sustainable Development expert

Elisabeth completed her studies in Business Administration / Marketing at HEC Montreal, Canada.  After honing her skills in the pharmaceutical industry, Elisabeth redirected her career and moved to Geneva, Switzerland to work with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). Elisabeth is passionate about people and the environment. Her interests focus on health and food and on developing strategies that integrate sustainable and circular practices into business. Elisabeth understands the impact children can have on their families and she also conducts workshops for them to raise awareness on sustainability and drive change from the bottom up.

Nilushi Kumarasinghe

sustainability strategy SPECIALIST

Nilushi has a Master of Science in Environment and Resource Management and has been working in the field of sustainability for almost 5 years. She enjoys developing projects, creating awareness, and collaborating with stakeholders to implement sustainable solutions. She has previously worked with international organizations in the Netherlands and Sri Lanka to promote sustainable development and climate change mitigation and adaptation. As a consultant with Changing Habits Solutions, Nilushi works with organizations to implement sustainable solutions and strategies that help generate triple bottom line results: people, planet & profit.

Nicola Lei Ravello


Nicola worked for 7 years in the Hedge Fund industry as an investment analyst, covering a wide array of asset classes and investment strategies. Since 2019, Nicola has been pursuing independent investment research in responsible finance, leveraging his experience and network in the finance  world to promote sustainability as a strategic asset allocation. His core value proposition is that investments are resources with which investors can take responsibility by allocating them towards solving society’s challenges, while ensuring performance and diversification. His main focus is on thematics such as Water, Oceans, Energy, Agriculture/Food as well as ESG Value and Quant funds. 

Coco (Qinyan) Wang


Coco has a Bachelors of Science in Environment and Health from McGill University. Prior to joining Changing Habits Solutions, she co-developed a non-profit startup initiative to provide science-based cannabis education for youth and education professionals in Montreal. She also took part in the 2020 US Elections as a Campaign Organizer for Colorado Fair Share Action. Coco utilizes her strategic thinking and digital content creation skills acquired while working with organizations in a wide spectrum of industries and sizes to help grow CHS’s awareness through its digital presence.

Our Values


Thinking and acting with honesty and trust. Delivering with quality and precision. We believe our commitment is our strongest asset. Therefore we always strive to give the best advice to our clients while maintaining the balance between environmental, economic, and social interests.


Solving the challenges faced by our society requires all hands on deck. We build meaningful partnerships and connections grounded in cooperation and a shared vision of sustainability. We seek champions and empower them to take action and become part of a greater movement.


A culture of creativity, thirst for knowledge, and continuous improvement. We constantly seek personal and professional growth, for both our team and our community. We are proud to be problem solvers tackling one the most critical yet complex issues of our lifetime.


Global perspectives and experiences power better ideas. We seek out and incorporate diverse point-of-view and way-of-thinking in everything we do to propel us forward. In an interdependent world, we know differences make us stronger and more resilient. 


This is our core principle and moral compass that defines and drives us as an organization: we strive to design a world where economic, social and environmental systems are in balance.

Our Journey

Changing Habits started out as a movement for the environment by engaging 1 billion people to make positive changes. Inspired by the famous quote by Che Guevara – “let the world change you, and you can change the world” – we embarked on a journey…


After 1,000 days around the world, 42 countries travelled, hundreds of great people met along the way, 60+ environmental solutions videos from around the globe, we continue to inspire and engage people to take action for a sustainable world through speaking engagements.

This epic journey has shaped what Changing Habits Solutions is today; a Montreal based consulting company with solutions and strategies to help companies generate triple bottom line results (People, Planet, Profit) and transition towards sustainable business models.

Changing Habits Solutions is CLIMATE NEUTRAL!

Moreover, we are proud to be recognized as a resource partner of the United Nations’ Climate Neutral Now initiative to advise and support our clients on measuring, reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. 

Get in touch with us today to have your organization certified as a contributor to the global carbon neutrality goal through your climate action!