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Decarbonization, an Industry with Infinite Amount of Opportunities

McKinsey Sustainability’s article – Decarbonize and create value: How incumbents can tackle the steep challenge – highlights the immense undertaking required to attain net-zero emissions by 2050. It involves a staggering estimated investment of $275 trillion in low-emissions assets spread over the next three decades, equivalent to an annual commitment of approximately 7.5 percent of …

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Assessment: The Crucial 1st Step in Sustainability

Why aren’t more organizations transiting into sustainability? Professionals at the senior level feel that it requires an insurmountable amount of work and often do not know where to start, and this holds back organizations from taking any action at all. To help address this, we developed a diagnostic tool for businesses and organizations to easily understand and assess their current sustainability level (for free!).

CSR vs Sustainability

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility are as similar as a bun is to a burger. They belong together, yet are they not the same. CSR: CSR, at least in its early forms, tended to focus on meeting—or balancing—the needs of stakeholders today. Additionally, the term is often confused with philanthropy. CSR tends to target opinion …

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