How sustainable is your business?


understand sustainability

We break it down to 4 themes: Environmental, Social, Economic, and General. You will have a holistic picture of what the different stages of sustainability look like in each theme.

visual report

Not a numbers person? Our report includes a radar graph of all the metrics considered in order to give you a full view of how your organization perform across all aspects of sustainability.

get your score

We evaluate your organization’s performance in each of the 4 themes and provide you with an overall score. You will receive tangible numbers to improve on.

customized next steps

You will receive a tailored report with a top 3 sustainability-related risks or opportunities your organization can work on to improve your sustainability performance.

Your sustainability journey awaits

Hear it from them

"We used the Changing Habits Solutions' free Sustainability Diagnostic Tool to get a quick overview of the performance of our company’s sustainability initiatives. Its analysis was extremely useful in identifying areas which needed further focus and growth. Based on the feedback from the tool, we have already implemented new practices to improve our company’s sustainability holistically."
Shamindi Kumarasinghe
Nature's Beauty Creations
"I had the chance to complete the diagnostic tool for my company. It is definitely an excellent first step to get an overall picture of your company's positioning in terms of sustainable development, and to start making some awareness. The tool is very relevant, no matter your sector, industry size or location."
Sarah Jodoin-Houle
La Talenterie