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Changing Habits Challenge

The sum of our efforts will make a difference!

Challenges facing our society and environment requires an “all hands on deck” approach. Our companies and institutions are made of people, so if we inspire people to take action, we ignite change from within!

what it is

An opportunity to take part of the solution by changing one personal habit in favor of the environment, and/or to take on one sustainable initiative in your professional life. Big or small; you decide!

Who it is for

Everybody can make a difference, regardless of age, experience or role! Find the challenge commitment forms to implement for your group.

439 Commitments to date
driving the following impacts each year

kg of CO2 emissions to be avoided
plastic water bottles to be avoided
litres of water to be preserved

impact on youth in montreal

We collaborate with organizations such as Academos and OSEntreprendre to make a difference in our local community and inspire the future generation to embark on their sustainability journey and entrepreneurial ventures.