Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is no longer an uncommon phrase in today’s economy. An integral part of the Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet and Profit, the benefits of DEI can be felt across a company’s operations. In this article, we break down the indicators on DEI included in various reporting standards.

We analyzed the impact of remote work on corporate sustainability with the triple bottom line (TBL) framework - People, Planet, Profit. Despite certain downsides, the analysis showed more benefits linked to deploying full or partial remote working, as explained by the triple bottom line results generated. There is no one-size-fits-all solution but our recommendation is a mix of remote and occasional in-person work, adapted to the specific job requirements. Furthermore, in order to reduce the overall carbon footprint related to video use, we suggest to turn off your webcam when not absolutely needed.

A few weeks ago, the city of Montreal unveiled its Climate Plan for 2020–2030. Businesses and organizations play a significant role in the city’s green transition, and those seizing opportunities early will put themselves at a comparative advantage.

When you hear the term “Triple Bottom Line” (TBL or 3BL), what do you think of? Accounting? Corporate social responsibility? Let’s unpack the true meaning of this concept and look at how your company can use TBL to your advantage.

I wish I had the opportunity to meet an entrepreneur when I was in highschool, and that is why I believe giving my time to ignite confidence in today’s youth is key for them to make their first step on their entrepreneurial journey.

Interested in joining the movement and pledging to achieve Climate Neutrality? Contact us now! Check out our infographic to learn more about climate neutrality and how to achieve it.