How To Hire ESG Consultants

Today, there are hundreds, if not thousands of ESG consultants out there. 

And each one of them has their own specific skill set and talents.

Thus, your question shouldn’t be, how do I find the right ESG consultant, but how do I choose an ESG consultant that’s right for our business?

With ESG being such a multifaceted industry, it’s easy to get confused on what you actually need.

We’re glad you made it here, and today’s guide will show you how to avoid a potentially ineffective hire, but instead, one that offers data relevant to what you require.

Sounds good?

Well, then, first things first, why do you need an ESG consultant?

Know Your Goals and Desired Outcomes

Just being told you need an ESG report and hiring blindly from job boards has led to 
quite a few horror stories. Your desired outcome needs to be understood.

ESG consultants need to help companies determine what actions they should take to improve and focus their ESG efforts on what matters. This means a lot of open communication.

If you don’t fully understand the ESG job, it will be very easy to make the wrong hire.

We know it sounds confusing but often a quick talk can clear up a lot of confusion around ESG hiring. If you want to book a free ESG consultation call, we have experts happy to answer your questions.


ESG assets are estimated to be a 53 trillion dollar industry by 2025 so naturally there will be lots of new talent entering the field.

With it being a relatively new approach in a decades old industry, we can expect a lot of consultants entering the space without a lot of the required experience to deal with more complicated requests.

How do you find ESG consultants right for you?

There is a certain skill set ESG consultants possess, and we will list the fundamental ones below.

1) Simplified ESG reporting process

A consultant who has helped other top firms with the process of ESG reporting services understands how it should be run from the start to the end.

Collecting data from 100, if not 1000’s of data points can be a very difficult task. A great ESG consultant would have the expertise to clearly demonstrate information in a way that easily promotes actionable initiatives for the business.

Good reporting isn’t just about impressing the board and public, it is also vital to convincing stakeholders this is the right company for them.

From metrics to calculations nothing should be too difficult for the consultant.

2) In fact, one size does not fit all

Unfortunately, a good sustainability strategy goes far beyond ESG reporting. But it’s a great start!

A great consultant needs to help you identify the relevant ESG metrics, build a personalized monitoring system and establish a governance from which corporate leaders can make sound strategic decisions.

This cannot be done on a high level without a tailored touch.

The consultant needs to understand they progress alongside your company as your ESG partner. With the right strategy in place, you will improve your ESG performance and reap the positive Triple Bottom Line (TBL) results generated: People, Planet, Profit.

3) Adding value and building workable plans

It’s easy to talk within this space to sound like a pro, but without implementation strategies does the work really mean anything?

A good consultant will be able to identify operational aspects of your business and create ways to adapt them for the better.

In order to create strategy with accurate and reasonable deadlines the consultant needs to have a thorough track record of jobs completed. Be careful not to be sold on a smooth talker.

Job scope is one of the hardest things to measure accurately. Dont be sold on unrealistic timelines. Great things take time and an experienced ESG consultant will know.

Benefits Of A Diverse Team of Specialists Over Consultants

As we mentioned earlier ESG is very multifaceted, one single person could not complete most jobs without breaking it down into smaller pieces.

From strategic ideation and leadership to account management and execution specialists, having a team already assembled with experience is a great way to fasttrack your goals.

Experienced teams are often proud to make their team public:

And their past partners public:

Working with agencies comes with many perks, but often the favorable reason for past clients is knowing the job is in experienced hands. Less work for them and a bigger reward.

If you would like to book a free ESG consulting call, click here.

Where to Hire ESG Consultants

Knowing you need to have a great understanding of your needs covered before hiring a consultant, we have some recommended channels!

Some of the best places to look include (but are not limited to):

Linkedin: Our personal favorite. It’s the easiest way to see more of the characteristics of the potential hire. Sending a quick message on Linkedin is a great way to meet more people in the space and grow your trusted network.

Indeed: Has a large pool of ESG consultants. Searching through candidates using different filters makes it easy. Let the leads and full resumes come to your doorstep.

Upwork: Arguably the most popular freelancer platform on the planet. Has a strict verification process and review building process. It’s great to see their previous public work and reviews. Also a great way to test on smaller jobs before leading into a commitment hire.


On your journey to find the best ESG consultants, we hope that the above tips will keep you clear ofbad ones that may cost you time and money.

Remember to be fully aware of what your business needs before making any decisions.

If you have any questions about ESG consulting or want to learn more about how an ESG Consulting Agency might save you money and time, book a free call with us today!