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Daniel Jacob: Why I talk to youth about Sustainability and Entrepreneurship

I wish I had the opportunity to meet an entrepreneur when I was in highschool, and that is why I believe giving my time to ignite confidence in today’s youth is key for them to make their first step on their entrepreneurial journey.

It is not every day that you see a consultant or an entrepreneur in a classroom. But young people are more curious than ever about sustainability and entrepreneurship. So why not? 

As the president and principal consultant for a sustainability strategy consulting start-up firm, my schedule is often packed with client meetings, research,  and solution development.  I make a conscious effort to find time to go into schools and classrooms to talk to youth about my journey with Changing Habits and encourage them to jumpstart theirs. 

On entrepreneurship: I first ask the classroom to define what gives them energy and translate it into a purpose. Then, I provide some pointers and achievable steps that they can start engaging right away to initiate their learning curve: Talking about it with others and doing some research are the first steps! I motivate them to stay informed, and get engaged in programs such as startup contests as early as possible. 

On sustainability: My first goal is to inspire students to realize their power of making an impact, and to internalize what they can achieve for the environment, instead of expecting  organizations and government to take the lead. I encourage them to take some steps to change their own habits, as a starting point, as this is what they have the most control over. Then, I tell them that changes will be needed across the entire economic landscape, and regardless of the profession they will have in the future, they will need to be the catalysts of these changes. All they need to do, in the meantime, is to stay aware, interested, and curious about how sustainability can apply to the career path they choose.

To me, engaging youth in these topics is a rewarding experience and a source of energy! If you have a passion and expertise in your field, why not share it with our next generation of leaders? It all starts with each one of us. Today.

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