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Multi-billion International Corporation


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Strategic Revamp &
5 Years Plan for Corporate Sustainability

Multi-billion International Corporation

Automotive Industry

❝You (CHS) have made an amazing impact on the company already, whether you realize it or not, and a lot of eyes have been opened thanks to your work. Thanks so much for your perseverance!❞
Leslie Q. Vice President BRP
Global Corporate Communications

Background & Objective:

As the corporation is developing their new five-year plan, the Client wanted to seize the opportunity to revamp the existing sustainability program to elevate it to the strategic level. CHS was brought in to provide expertise on reviewing the objectives and corresponding KPIs from a multi-angle approach, and to solidify the corporate sustainability governance in order to enable continued performance improvement and engagement over time. 


  • Objectives & KPIs were adapted to set the Client on the right path to sustainability, considering inputs from multiple fronts: investors point-of-view (POV), industry benchmark, standards & frameworks, internal stakeholders, and enterprise risk management assessments
  • The revised governance structure enabled internal champions to have the right information at the right time, to prioritize actions directed at improving their Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) performance and rating, and to quantify the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) results generated
  • Internal stakeholders, including management, now have a solid foundation and understanding of Sustainability as a Strategy, and the importance of embedding it at the strategic planning level to influence future business decisions

Key Take-away: 

CHS helped the Client to transition their sustainability program from traditional CSR to a more forward-looking and strategy-oriented sustainability role. A new language was adopted across the corporation to address sustainability at the core level. 

Carbon Neutrality

Non-for-Profit National Organization

Sports Industry


❝Changing Habits Solutions provided solid expertise, always keeping pragmatic, client-focused and friendly approach. Our project required swift execution and Daniel made it all happen smoothly.❞
Sarah P. Director, Canadian Olympic Committee
Sport Business Sustainability

Background & Objective:

To be aligned with the organization’s commitment to contribute to the global efforts in addressing climate change, CHS was commissioned to help the Client assess it’s first carbon footprint in order to achieve carbon neutrality as part of the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework.


  • CHS produced the Client’s first ever greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory report, in which it defined the Client’s nation-wide organizational and operational boundaries, GHG inventory scopes and the roles and responsibilities (R&R) for information management going forward.
  • The GHG inventory report paved the grounds for future measurements, allowed the Client to set reduction goals and track progress within the scope of their organisation, and compensate their remaining GHG emissions to achieve carbon neutrality.
  • The Client took action on climate change as part of the organization’s movement on sustainability, one of the three major pillars of their 2020 Agenda.

Key Take-away: 

The Client has been recognized as one of the climate leaders in its industry and was given the Carbon Action Awards as part of a global initiative which aims to recognize and accelerate effective climate action in the sports industry.

ESG Governance, KPI Systems and Reporting

Cleantech Solutions Company with Global Footprint

 Renewable Energy



❝As our company started its ESG reporting journey, Changing Habits Solutions helped us navigate the complexities of a company-wide ESG integration, which led to our metrics-backed ESG report. You can rely on their professionalism and knowledge to guide and support your organization every step of the way.❞
Carolyn H. Marketing & Communications Director, Xebec
Global HQ

Background & Objective:

The Client had completed their 1st ESG report in the previous year which provided a good overview of the company’s material issues. For the second report year, the Client needed help to set up processes to collect data and perform measurements of ESG metrics, and to establish the related governance. CHS was hired to manage the project and to produce the company’s 2nd ESG report.


  • Measuring: CHS conducted a high-level exercise to review material issues and translate them into relevant KPIs through a multi-angle approach: ESG questionnaires from investors and Clients, interviewed internal stakeholders, review of recognized standards and frameworks. From there, available KPIs, data gaps and reporting scope were identified in order to perform raw data collection (including but not limited to GHG inventory & calculations). A process mapping was then created to support future data collection.
  • Governance: A cross-functional ESG governance structure was established to support the monitoring and reporting of related issues, and to ensure the continuity of sustainability efforts and performance improvements. Works included organizing an ESG committee, performing individual interviews to select and engage all members, creating a charter with defined roles and responsibilities, and facilitating the initial meetings.      
  • Reporting: Following the KPI owner interviews and the data/KPI collection, CHS produced the company’s 2nd year ESG report which included relevant data and metrics.  

Key Take-away: 

A robust foundation of ESG metrics and processes was established with a limited initial scope to set the stage for a company-wide expansion to other global sites in the following year. This groundwork prepared the company for future integration onto digital reporting platforms, allowing them to further embed a sustainable development model that integrates economic growth with social and environmental responsibility at the core of their strategic decisions going forward.

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